After you have created a Person or a Recipe, you can analyze it for its nutritional breakdown. Here is where the power of The Food Processor comes in. The program calculates the nutrient values and provides you with a variety of ways to view and print the data.

Analyzing for One Day vs. Many Days
You can choose to analyze nutrient information for a Person’s Diet Recall (not a recipe) for either one day or a number of (or all) days. Doing so will slightly change the formatting of the reports. (This will be discussed in the individual report sections.)

Selecting Which Days to Include in Reports

On the Person’s Diet Recall screen, check the boxes beside the days you want to analyze. The analysis will reflect the average of the days selected.

Selecting Which Nutrients to Display

You can configure your reports to display from any or all of the 160 nutrients and nutrient factors in the program. Any number of nutrient lists can be saved for later use. See Nutrients to View for instructions.

Reports Available:

Other Functions: