Setup for iOS Devices

You have the ability to access your ESHA Cloud Program from your iOS mobile device. To access the RDP environment from your iOS mobile device, you will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. The following steps will instruct you on how to access your session using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
1.   Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store.
Microsoft Remote Desktop app
2.   Once downloaded and installed, click and open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
Remote Desktop app icon
3.   Click the (+) symbol (located in the upper-right corner) and select Add Remote Resource Feed from the dropdown menu.
Add Remote Resource Feed
4.   Click on the Feed URL field. In the next window, type in the following URL and click Done:
Feed URL
Feed URL
5.   Click on the User Name field. Then, select Add User Account.
Add User Account
6.   Type your login credentials in the appropriate fields and click Save. Then, click Save on the next window.
User Credentials
Remote Resources
7.   After clicking Save, the programs available to you will appear in the Work Resources Section (as shown below).
You have now successfully set up access to your ESHA Cloud Program on your iOS device.
  • In the event of a password change, click here for instructions on how to update your existing account information on your iOS device.
How to Sign In:
  • You will always use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application to access your ESHA Cloud Program.
  • Once you have set up access by completing the above steps, you can simply launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop application and select your program from the Work Resources list.