Getting started with Genesis API

1. Install Genesis R&D and Genesis API

  • The installation procedures are located here.

 2. Consider Publishing some of your foods

  • By default, only records (Ingredients and/or Recipes) which belong to Groups that have been Published in Genesis are exposed to the API.  Within a request, however, you can use a parameter to distinguish whether you wish to return only Published items, or "Draft" items.

  • You can create a new "Publish" Group or choose an existing food Group in Genesis and denote it as Published:


    1. From the Database tab on the ribbon, select the Modify button.

    2. Select the Groups tab.

    3. Select the Group you wish to Publish.

    4. Click the Publish button at the bottom.  The icon for that Group will change, and a collection of all Published Groups will appear as a new node at the bottom of the list.

    All the foods in this group become available via the API. You might start by adding sample foods to test the functionality. For more information about Genesis use, refer to the Genesis R&D documentation, including information about adding Recipes or Ingredients to Group(s) (whether published or not).

3. Information on Securing Genesis API

Important Note: The API code significantly changed from API version 2.x and before when moving to version 3.1 and later. You will want to update your references to match the 3.1 references found on this page. You may also want to review the Summary of Changes from 2.x to 3.1