Genesis API

Welcome to the Genesis API Documentation

The Genesis API enables users to access the data, analysis, and label creation functionality of Genesis R&D. Genesis API runs as a service in IIS and is available both as a SOAP and REST interface, allowing you to pick which one best fits your usage needs. 

Use Cases

Food Production Data Integration

Food manufacturers who want to automate their labeling process using their existing program interface can use the Genesis API to seamlessly integrate Genesis data. With the Genesis API users can generate a food label, including a camera-ready Nutrition Facts Panel along with the ingredient statement, allergen statement, and barcode by querying the API hosted on your server real-time.  

Reporting and Browsing

With the Genesis API REST interface, users can create a single-page web app for product consumers to view and search recipe nutrition information and product Nutrition Facts panels.

How to Use Genesis API

It's easy to get started connecting Genesis to your systems with Genesis API. Follow our Getting Started guide to get up and running!