Patch and Release Notes (4.x)

Version 4.5.x

Updated API version to support changes in Genesis R&D Foods 11.11.x

Version 4.4.x

Added support for different label types for FoodEditService:

Version 4.1.x

Fixed return value in certain cases for Create or Modify Date

Version 4.0.x

FREY-302 Let users set a User Generated Ingredient Statement in the FoodEditService
FREY-299 Allow users to set Audit Trail messages via the FoodEditService
FREY-297 Can create duplicates of Foods in the FoodEditService
FREY-296 Allow null nutrient profiles and labels in the FoodEditService
FREY-294 Allow Custom Nutrients in the Genesis API
FREY-291 Allow Impersonation in the LabelImageService
FREY-287 Null out the LabelDto in GetAnalysis for Ingredients
FREY-286 FoodItemId is also the Empty Guid in ItemAnalysesDto
FREY-285 Not all nutrients appear in LabelDto
FREY-284 Filter out nutrients that aren't in the Label for the LabelDto in Analyze
FREY-279 Add LabelProfile to Analyze in the FoodBuilder Service
FREY-276 Refactor FoodEditRequests to accommodate LabelProfileDto's
FREY-275 Allow users to choose their label type (by regulation and label format)
FREY-269 Should GroupListRequest inherit from QueryRequestPublicationStateBase?
FREY-268 Discuss label option domain model
FREY-267 Investigate ability to generate labels off of the Food Builder service
FREY-260 Allow adding a temporary food
FREY-257 In GetAnalysis, the LabelDto always displays as US
FREY-227 Return the recipe information as a single serving
FREY-226 Add a parameter for ListFoods and Search methods that only returns user-added ingredients from the database
FREY-225 Include the UnitId with the Analysis Value so the Dev knows what the number means
FREY-220 Calling GetFoodByUserCode with a logging level of Debug blows up the API
FREY-215 ImageLabelService.GetLabelImage returning null causes problems for non-published foods