Saving RDP Files (PC Only)

To use the program you will click on the appropriate icon (you may not see all of these, depending on which applications you've subscribed to):

Clicking the icon will download a file in your browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc).  Different browsers present this in different ways.  Look for the browser to either prompt you with what to do with the file, or it may just save/download to your computer. If prompted, Save the file (see bold sentence below for more info).  If you are not prompted, you may need to find the downloaded file in your downloads directory. Look for something like "cpub-Gen[more].rdp". (Example below is for Genesis Supplements)

Copy this file to an easy to find location (i.e. Desktop)

  • Right Click → Copy or CTRL + C
  • Navigate to location (Desktop)
  • Create Folder (ESHA RDP in this example)
  • Paste the file in newly created Folder

  • Launch Program from the saved RDP each time (Repeat steps for each program/File Explorer for easy access)