Accessing Files

When saving files in the cloud you will see familiar icons such as Desktop, Downloads, Documents and Pictures, you will not want to save in these folders as they will not be accessible outside of the cloud system, instead you will want to navigate to your local machine drive.  

  • Your local C: drive will show up as 'C on XXXX-PC' in the hosted environment. (Named USER-PC in Screenshot below)

Directories on Laptop

  • Drives marked with an 'X on XXXX-PC' designate your local drives. Typically, the 'C on XXXX-PC' and 'D on XXXX-PC' drives (your local machine's hard drive(s)).
  • To Access your Desktop:  
    • Click on 'C on XXXX-PC'
    • Select Users Folder
    • Select Your Username
    • Select Desktop
  • Note: You can also utilize your Personal and Company Share Drives for saving only locally in cloud if you are not looking to access these files outside of the cloud environment. 
  • Important Note: Any local drives marked with an 'X on XXXX-PC' are part of your local environment and are NOT backed up as part of the hosted environment.
Note about tablets (iOS and Android):
    • If you are on a tablet, you will only see Hosted Computer drives as you do not have local drives on the tablet.